Hello everyone,

During the initial launch of the network and events we received a lot of feedback from the community in-regards to the queue system. This post will cover all the changes we've made towards the queue that we deemed were necessary based on your guys feedback to improve it to make it more fair and an overall better experience for everyone.

Event Queue

We came to the realization that the queue system was really unfair to people and heavily promoted a pay-to-play or pay-to-participate attitude towards it. We've gone ahead and fully redone how the queue system works for the event servers. The queue for each event server is now split into two lines, a normal line and a fast pass line. Once an event server opens up, it will begin to fill with players from each line until the server is full. Taking one player from each queue until the server has a 1:1 ratio of players from each line. This allows the free-to-play players to participate in the events where in the past it was really difficult for them to. On top of these changes, we've also now added the ability to be in the queue while you're offline, and with fast pass users being allowed to be offline for longer periods of times, these periods of time can be seen on the store page.

Queue while offline?

We've added in the ability for you to logout of the network while you're in queue. By default, all users are entitled to 5 minutes of offline time, while each tier of pass holder has an extended period of time. These times are listed below and can be seen on the store page. Keep in mind that while utilizing this feature that if an event starts and you are not online you will be booted out of the queue. As of making this post the offline durations are:

Rank Offline Duration
Default 5 Minutes
Bronze 30 Minutes
Silver 2 Hours
Gold 4 Hours
Diamond 8 Hours

What about priority passes?

Not only did we change  the queue to be split into two lines, but we've also changed how/what priority passes are. What was once known as a priority pass has now been re-branded to fast pass. The core functionality of these passes has changed. Instead of being put in the same line as the default users, you're put into a separate line known as the fast pass lines. An additional feature to the passes now, as mentioned in the start of this post, each tier of pass has extended periods of time that the pass holder can be offline for while in queue for the event.

What about current priority pass holders?

Everyone who holds a priority pass has had their priority pass transferred over to a fast pass. We've compensated everyone who owns one of these passes by extending the period of time of the pass by an additional 5 days for the downtime we've had.

Queue for two servers at a time

We're now allowing you to queue for upwards of two servers at any given time. However, we've applied some conditions to this. You're only able to queue for 1 event server and 1 gamemode server at any given time, or 2 gamemode servers. You're not able to queue for 2 event servers at the same time.

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback and to everyone who has been sticking with us while we were making these changes. We hope to that everyone can enjoy these changes and stay tuned for some upcoming updates!